Welcome to Nanai's studio, where we offer sustainable and vegan accessories for babies and their families.

As a brand, we want to change the way fashion is made. We want it: slowly, fairly and sustainably.

Good reasons to wear Nanai crawling shoes

I was amazed by the material, how durable it is and how beautifully it develops with use. Other friends saw the shoes and were very pleasantly surprised.

Presentacion V. and baby Lucia

"It's like a second skin. No matter whether you wear it barefoot or with socks, the shoe doesn't slip or pinch. It holds your foot, doesn't slip and is very light."

Andrea L. and baby Frida

"How easy it is to put it on! They are super comfortable and adapt very well to the feet and the needs of the baby who is just starting to crawl. The sustainable material sets them apart from the rest of the options on the market."

Luciana Z. and baby Viggo